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Agonis Fragrans (Fragonia) Essential Oil

Agonis Fragrans (Fragonia) Essential Oil

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Fragonia is a unique essential oil as the 3 main constituent groups are in almost perfect balance. This is thought to contribute to the oil's pleasant aroma & the diversity of uses.

Fragonia is just as effective as Tea Tree as an antimicrobial but is much gentler on the skin. It has been used for the relief of muscular & joint pain associated with arthritis.

Fragonia is an excellent expectorant, making it useful for respiratory tract infections & congestion. It is also an immune stimulant & deeply calming on the emotions. It is considered to be extremely balancing on the emotions & may assist in times of stress, grief, past emotional blockages & anxiety.

Fragonia is a relatively new Australian essential oil. The aroma is very pleasant & the oil has such a diverse range of benefits that every household should at least try this precious oil.

Therapeutic properties: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial, analgesic, decongestant, expectorant, immune stimulant.

Ingredients: Fragonia (agonis fragrans) essential oil. 

Not suitable for children under 2 years.

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