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Diffuser Bracelet - Lava Stone

Diffuser Bracelet - Lava Stone

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Lava stone is formed from magma erupted from a volcano. Lava stone is grounding & can help you connect with nature, brings strength & courage, reduces anger & negativity, is calming & is said to be beneficial for those suffering from anxiety & depression.

Lava stone is very porous & makes a wonderful essential oil diffuser.

Lava beads are waxed to give a subtle sheen. You may need to rinse the lava beads with dish washing detergent to loosen the wax before applying essential oil to allow the oil to absorb.

Wear as is or add 1 drop of pure essential oil to 1-3 lava beads. Can also add essential oil to wooden disc. Always apply the essential oil with the bracelet off & allow to dry before wearing. We recommend you remove your bracelet before showering, swimming etc. Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small - 16cm

Regular - 19cm