About Us

We have had a name change!

Aromatic Living has now become Aura Lowanna.

How did we come by this name you ask?
'Aura' is the distinctive atmosphere or energy field surrounding a person, thing or place that forms an essential part of the individual.
'Lowanna' is an Aboriginal word, meaning beauty or beautiful girl depending on the dialect.
So, Aura Lowanna means 'aura of beauty' or 'beautiful aura'. I absolutely love the vibe and meaning of our new name and how it rolls off the tongue.

With a new name comes a new direction but you can be assured the quality of our products and customer service has NOT changed.

Aura Lowanna is a small, home based business which is the culmination of many years of dreaming, research, learning and planning. Currently it is a one-woman show and I do everything from product formulation, creation, bottling, labeling, sourcing products, photographing, website maintenance, packaging, posting etc.

The business first began when I started to become more aware of the toxic ingredients in every day products that we use on our families and in our homes. The more I learned about these ingredients the more determined I became to find an alternative. I was no longer content to keep blindly using the chemical laden products on our supermarket shelves.

Enter the amazing, natural ingredients from Mother Nature herself. Essential oils, vegetable oils, butters, extracts etc. are used to create the most nourishing and pure products that are safe for use on ourselves, our family and in our homes.

Aura Lowanna is committed to sourcing quality ingredients and products, being environmentally aware and operating ethically. We do not use palm oil, mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients. Our handmade products are created in small batches to ensure freshness and none of our products are tested on animals. We are also expanding to include a range of low tox and re-usable products from other businesses with a focus on small, environmentally responsible Australian manufacturers.

Our vision is to provide a quality product at an affordable price so low tox products are accessible to everyone. Our aim is to provide excellence in customer service and exceed the expectations of our customers. It is important for us to only sell products we are happy to use ourselves and we mindfully choose businesses to partner with who have a similar ethos.

I am passionate about decreasing the toxic load in my body, my home and my life. There is no need to plaster toxic chemicals all over my skin and home, natural products can do the job without the nasties or the nasty side effects. I am also discovering a passion for reducing my impact on the earth both in my personal life and business practices. I hope this is a journey you wish to join me on. I use eco-friendly packaging, use minimal resources and re-use packing and shipping materials wherever I can. 

This business is my passion and I put my heart and soul into every product I make. I am grateful that I get to do something I love every day and I hope you find something you love while you’re visiting. I hope to inspire Australian families to live positive, low tox lives with a focus on wellness every day and reducing our footprint on the earth.

'When we know better, we do better'