Are your essential oils 100% pure?

They certainly are 100% pure, natural oils derived from plants.  We source our oils from reputable, Australian suppliers to ensure quality. There are no fillers or additives just pure, therapeutic essential oils.

What is the difference between essential oils & fragrance oil?

Essential oils are distilled from plants. If they are 100% pure, there is nothing else added. Fragrance oils, on the other hand are synthetically manufactured in an attempt to mimic the smells of nature but there is nothing natural about them. Fragrance oils will be cheaper & can cause a lot of people headaches.

Can we ingest your essential oils?

According to Australian guidelines, ingestion of essential oils should only be done under the care of someone qualified in aromatic medicine.  We do not recommend ingestion of essential oils & request that our oils are not used in this way.

Natural products are usually so expensive! Why are yours so cheap?

Well I guess it's a bit like low-fat food, retailers jump on the bandwagon & charge extra for things that are different to the norm. I don't believe natural products have to be more expensive & my aim is to make them accessible to everyone. I price my products according to how much the ingredients cost me, so more precious oils obviously cost more & any of my products using them will be slightly dearer to reflect that. Overall, I keep my products affordable because I want everyone to have access to these wonderful, nourishing & safe natural products.